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“Too many brand owners fall victim to trademark theft and don’t know how easy it is for ‘Brand Bandits’ to copy and steal an un-trademarked brand until it’s too late. So we created the Trademark Me Now E-Course to help brand owners trademark their own brand and block copycats and trademark robbery. I’ll show you exactly what we do for our trademark clients so you can do it yourself.”

Mari C. Ribeiro, Esq. 

Trademark Attorney and Expert

Block Trademark Theft

Empower yourself to claim your brand’s trademark rights with our Trademark Me Now E-Course and eliminate trademark theft with these proven methods to block trademark robbers from stealing your unique brand. Get access to insider information used by trademark experts to fast track your own trademark application step-by-step. By the end of our e-course, you’ll be ready to submit your own trademark application yourself!

Trademark Terrors

Are you concerned that your unique brand will be stolen? Your concern is real. Are you terrified that your competitor can copy your brand? Your terror is real. Do you stress that another brand similar to yours exists? Your stress is real. Are you worried that you can’t legally block others from using your brand? Your worry is real. Are you afraid that you will be forced to rebrand? Your fear is real.

Trademark It Yourself

Get the brand protections you need to lock in your trademark rights. Gain exclusive access to how the trademark experts do it so you can do it too. Avoid costly legal fees by submitting your trademark application on your own. Get simplified, step-by-step training by a licensed trademark professional. Our e-course will get your band on the right side of trademark laws to minimize your risks of trademark theft.

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